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History of a blog

Over the years I’ve maintained various blog’s using various engines, including Wordpress, Jekyll, Octopress and Blogger, and most recently my move to Hugo. Hugo, like Jekyll is a simple blog aware static website engine. With the larger, more comprehensive platforms, I always felt trapped and constrained within whatever themes were available, but with the static site generators it was easier to iterate on the design to get the look and effect that I wanted.

Ruby vs. Go

I enjoy Ruby as a programming language, I use it a bit at my DayJob, and when my blog was using Jekyll or Octopress which is based on Jekyll, that was the language of choice there as well. Ruby is a beautiful, expressive language that lends its self, much like perl to clever code. I guess that over the years, I have grown less fond of eing clever with my code. So this incarnation around, I decided to go with hugo. It is written in Go which I am growing increasingly fond of. I came across Hugo because it was created by Steve Francia who created several packages that I use in my go development. So far I’m liking it quite a lot.


Hugo seems to have the full gambit of features that one would look for in a static site generator.

Also, since hugo is written in Go, it will work on most unixes as well as windows, and deployment is as simple as downloading a single binary. Oh and did I mention, its fast. Damn fast, really really damn fast. So far, I’m liking it quite a lot.