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About Will

I am a systems administrator at Laika, where I work in a heteogenous environment consisting of Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X and Windows servers and workstations. This involves much of your typical systems administrator type tasks as well as quite a bit of developmet work.

When I was 16 my friends and I started programming in Quick Basic, in an attempt to create video games and demos. Needless to say, basic isn’t really the best language for complex graphics so we were less than succesful. Most of us have gone on to careers in technology, whether as developers or as systems administrators.

My first technology job was for a company known as Digital Imaging, that contracted with FedEx and UPS to scan in their billing documents and transmit them offshore for data entry. They were eventually bought out by Lason. While at Digital Imaging, I became a developer using Kofax image controls and Visual Basic 5 to develop scanning software for high speed imaging using Bell and Howell scanners. Since then I have programmed in C++, Perl, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby and most recently go.

Also while at Digital Imaging I was introduced to Linux. Slackware 3.2 to be specific, and one of my first tasks was to recompile the kernel with the newly released driver for the 3c905tx network card. I have been using Linux or various flavors of unix in one way or another since 1997. My first games of GL Quake were played on linux.

These days my toolbox is mostly geared towards a life in a terminal, with few exceptions. I tend to use vim under tmux on MacOS X or FreeBSD. I do most of my programming in go which I have grown quite fond of. On my mac I use hammerspoon to approximate a tiling window manager and on FreeBSD/Linux I use i3.